Opinion: Good Trouble



Trump and Bannon are pushing their extremist white nationalist agenda on us as if they have a mandate. They don’t.

In case you’ve forgotten, let’s recap the election.

231,556,622 Americans were eligible to vote. 40%, for whatever reason, did not cast a ballot.  92,500,000+ Americans who did not endorse Mr. Trump.

65,844,610 voted for Hillary Clinton, giving her 48.2% of the total vote.

8,259,713 voted third party or wrote in a candidate.

Mr. Trump, by virtue of gerrymandering and an antiquated Electoral College system, squeaked into the White House with a collective meh from the citizens expressed by 62,979,636 votes. 46.1%. 166,604,323 eligible voters did not vote for Trump. That is not a mandate. It certainly is not a ringing endorsement of gutting the Constitution and the values our country has embraced since its birth.

We can continue to discuss why so many failed to vote, why over eight million felt that the purity of their ideals was more important than blocking a Trump presidency, and how to unite the middle, left, and the growing number of disillusioned Trump voters as we move toward the midterms.

Those are discussions we need to have. In the meantime though, keep marching, keep disrupting, show up at your state capitol, make phone calls, use your skills and time to support those doing the work, give money to organizations using the courts to challenge these dangerous policies. Lift each other up, keep the faith and keep fighting back. Make #GoodTrouble. There is no mandate. The majority of Americans do not support this administration. It is becoming increasingly clear that most of the world also does not support the Trump administration. We are the ones here, onsite, in this time. There is no one else to do the job.

It is up to us.