Opinion: This Does Not Make Us Safer




No one is being kept “safer” by intentionally and inadvertently kicking over geopolitical beehives.

China is preparing for what they believe to be impending war with the US.

Mexico, our neighbor, ally and third largest trading partner now views us as an enemy.

Leaders across Europe, again our allies, are worried and having secret back channel discussions about the “Trump problem.”

Muslims, the second largest religion in the world, around the globe believe that the US has now actually declared war on them.

Trump has fulfilled the expectations of ISIS providing them with the best recruitment tool they have had in years, and they already capitalizing on it.

Ten days ago America was a calm, usually steadying, influence in the world. Today chaos. Everywhere. That’s not leadership. That’s incompetence. Mr. Trump presents a clear and present danger to, not just citizens at home but to the world. Yet, no one in a position of power will take action. Not one.