Action Agenda: Swing Left



Swing Districts are places where the winner of the last House of Representatives election was determined by a thin margin. Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018.

Find your closest Swing District and join the team to learn about actionable opportunities as they become available.

Why the house?

The 2018 House elections are the next best chance for progressives to regain power in our government.

  • There are 52 Swing Districts—places where the last election was won by 15% of the vote or less. We need to win 80% of all Swing Districts to take back the House.
  • If we win all 17 Democratic-held Swing Districts, we need to flip 24 of the remaining Republican ones. We’ll keep the Swing Left community up to date as these numbers shift.
  • The 2018 Senate map heavily favors Republicans, making the House a more viable place to focus our efforts.
  • House races receive less attention, so your dollars, hours, and talents count more.
  • We’re starting early to unify progressives who promote tolerance, equality, unity and fairness. To out-organize Republicans, we can’t wait.

How it works

Enter your email address to join a Swing District Team, and you’ll be put on a carefully-curated mailing list moderated by a local District Leader. You’ll learn about opportunities to take action as soon as they become available:

  • Learn more about the district and connect with other Team members
  • Fundraise or donate to local progressive candidates
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Phone bank or volunteer
  • Canvass, attend events, and more

We all want to take back the House in 2018, but most of us don’t live in Swing Districts, where the races really matter. If you live…

  • Outside this district, you’ll receive opportunities to help from afar.
  • Near this district (or it’s easy for you to travel), you can decide to help out in person.
  • Inside this district, your support and knowledge are critical! Join your team and help channel its efforts.

Get started here.