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We started Damsels in Defiance because we felt scared — it frightened us to witness what has felt like the rise of evil in our society, but our own complacency and apathy frightened us as well. We read the news, listened to the speeches, and passionately discussed what was going wrong — but then we thought, “What can I really do about it? I’m just one person. Why bother?” We felt helpless, like “damsels” in need of rescuing.

We watched for a year and a half as white nationalism, doomsday scenarios, bizarre insults and lowest-common-denominator rhetoric took center stage in our media and politics. And all we did about it was post on Facebook, attend some rallies, and make some calls for Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. We felt like we were all righteously upset, but at the same time we were “content” to be bystanders, like all we could do was watch from the sidelines as our nation devolved into hatred, fear, intolerance and misdirection.

But then we woke up one morning and decided, “Screw that!” We are not hopeless or helpless. We will not accept the direction our nation is taking without a fight.

We are powerful, and we will not be silenced.

We will fight for the inherent dignity and equality for all human beings. We will fight for our autonomy, for our rights, and for our planet. We will not accept the marginalization and suppression of people or the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

We are Damsels in Defiance. And we hope you will join us in our quest for equality, liberty, accountability, and justice.

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