Opinion: No We Are Not Being Paid



“For the record:

I have marched and protested where and when appropriate since the seventies. I have lobbied my state representatives and testified before my state congress during public commentary for/against bills important to me. I have attended town hall meetings and other constituent q & a sessions with my MOCs.

I have never been paid. No one I know has ever been paid. I am pretty political and very plugged in, yet I have never met any person who was being paid to do any of these things save for registered lobby professionals.

This narrative, being driven by the White House and the far right, is insulting to citizens everywhere. No one protesting or attending town hall meetings is on the George Soros payroll.

Sorry, that is 100% fiction being pushed by Alex Jones and Breitbart to distract you.

Those people protesting? Those pissed off town hall participants? They are citizens. No one is paying them. They are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They are concerned and they are exercising their right – their responsibility – to assemble, to seek redress and to demand that those who represent them act in their best interests.

I have had more apolitical people, concerned about the state of our union, reach out to me recently than ever before. They always start the conversation with, “I’m not really political but I feel like I need do something.”

Unless you personally have demonstrable evidence that someone is getting paid, just shut up. Quit posting and encouraging that myth.

…and by evidence I do not mean you heard or read a propaganda piece. Actual evidence, like your sister has a check stub.”

Kelly René