Action Agenda: Postcards for Politicians



Join the Movement with Others who use Postcards for Politics to make their voices HEARD every day

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Write A Postcard To  Congress About What Matters Most To You.

Stay on top of every postcard campaign with this great new program!

Pre-loaded State Representatives 
Instantly send out cards with professionally designed templates to any representative from any state, whether Democrat or Republican. Within a few clicks you can reach out to them effortlessly!


Send Multiple Mailings 
Now you can send postcards to more than one representative all at the same time!  You can send a sequence so they get a card at any given time that you’ve selected throughout the year. This will save you a huge amount of time having to resend them a postcard over and over!


Upload Custom Designs
You can upload your own designs that you’ve created instead of using the preloaded templates!


Customize Your Message
Create your own personalized message that will be printed on the back of the postcard.


Attach a Personalized Photo to Each Contact

You can easily use a postcard design with your own picture to really personalize the experience


Get started here.