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“CREDO Action organizes for progressive change. We mobilize our 5 million activists to speak out and pressure decision-makers from the local to the national level. From opposing war, to relentlessly defending reproductive freedom, protecting our environment and a healthy food system, fixing our broken democracy, fighting for an economy that works for everyone, and more, CREDO empowers activists to work for the change we want to see, not what we are told we can achieve by Washington insiders.

CREDO Action is the activism arm of CREDO, a social change organization that offers products — like CREDO Mobile — in order to fund grassroots activism and progressive nonprofit organizations.

Over the course of our history, CREDO has donated over $82 million to Democracy Now!, Brennan Center for Justice, Doctors Without Borders, ACLU, EFF, Planned Parenthood, and hundreds of other nonprofit groups.

Our customers and activists have generated over 16 million letters and phone calls to elected officials, decision-makers and corporate headquarters across the country. Our activists have submitted their signatures over 137 million times on CREDO petitions and in public comments to government agencies.

We believe in the power of people coming together to make real change — no matter the odds. When we do, we can win.

Our activists have helped win historic victories for peace with Iran, real Net Neutrality, blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, Arctic offshore drilling and coal leasing on federal lands, raising the minimum wage, and blocking Wall Street cronies from political appointments — and that’s just in the last couple of years.”

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