Act: Postcard Avalanche, Part 3 Demanding an Independent Investigation into the Trump – Russia Connections & Admin Efforts to Thwart



It has become increasingly clear that the Trump campaign, and subsequent administration, were in contact with Russia. We have all US Intel agencies asserting that Russia did in fact use a network of 1000+ operatives to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election.

We have allegations of pay offs, pay outs, off the record loans from Russian financiers and allegations that POTUS was actually compromised by Russia who then leveraged that information to force POTUS to push a pro Russia agenda.

We do not know how much is true, how deep it goes, or who precisely was involved. What we do know is that Trump has pivoted decades long American policy from that of viewing Russia as a nation hostile to the interests of the United States and an enemy of the state to that of  “hey, let’s be friends and get rid of sanctions.”

We do know that the contact with Russia happened.

We do know that the White House attempted to enlist the FBI to influence media reports on the Russian contacts.

We do know that the White House has banned major news media outlets that reported on this accurately from attending press briefings while allowing fringe media outlets that only regurgitate the administration’s narrative to attend.

We do know that the White House went directly to the heads of the Congressional Investigative committees and successfully enlisted them to contact the news media to quash the story and push the administration’s narrative.

It is time for an independent investigation. A 9/11 Commission style investigation and a Watergate style special prosecutor.

Below are the members of Congress who are responsible for pushing an investigation of Trump and Russia.

Send them a postcard and call them every single day telling them that you want them to go forward, ignore the POTUS attempts to bury the information,  and call for an independent investigation. Everyday until they do it.

…and please go to your MOC’s local Town Hall Meetings and ask them about this. Wear a strip of tape across the back of your shirt, with your zip code written on it, and the phrase “Not Paid to Be Here. I am a constituent from [your zip code]. This helps hammer home the message that they work for you, and it helps turn back the talking point that Towhn Hall Attendees are professional agitators. You can find out where and when your Town Hall meetings are here.

What to write:

(Introduce yourself). I want an independent investigation of Trump-Russia ties and a special prosecutor immediately.

Where to send your postcards and who to call:

Full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Jason Chaffetz, (Rep) Chairman
2236 Rayburn House
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-7751

Elijah Cummings, (Dem) Ranking Member
2163 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-4741

Subcommittee on National Security

Trey Gowdy (Rep, SC)
Note: He’s not on the committee this time but I thought it would be poetic justice if he was buried under voter requests. Your decision if you want to add him.
2418 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-6030

John Duncan (Rep, TN)
2207 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-5435

Justin Amash (Rep, MI)
114 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-3831

Paul Gosar (Rep, AZ)
2057 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-2315

Ron Desantis (Rep, FL)
1524 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-2706

Jody Hice (Rep, GA)
324 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-4101

Steve Russell (Rep, OK)
128 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC. 20515

James Comer (Rep, KY)
1513 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-3115

Stephen Lynch (Dem, MA)
2268 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-8273

Peter Welch (Dem, VT)
2303 Rayburn House
Washington, DC. 20515
(202) 225-4115

The germination of this idea comes from our Facebook follower Crystal R.

You can amplify this message and help makes this the largest Postcard Avalanche to date by sharing this far and wide across all platforms.

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Opinion: No We Are Not Being Paid



“For the record:

I have marched and protested where and when appropriate since the seventies. I have lobbied my state representatives and testified before my state congress during public commentary for/against bills important to me. I have attended town hall meetings and other constituent q & a sessions with my MOCs.

I have never been paid. No one I know has ever been paid. I am pretty political and very plugged in, yet I have never met any person who was being paid to do any of these things save for registered lobby professionals.

This narrative, being driven by the White House and the far right, is insulting to citizens everywhere. No one protesting or attending town hall meetings is on the George Soros payroll.

Sorry, that is 100% fiction being pushed by Alex Jones and Breitbart to distract you.

Those people protesting? Those pissed off town hall participants? They are citizens. No one is paying them. They are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They are concerned and they are exercising their right – their responsibility – to assemble, to seek redress and to demand that those who represent them act in their best interests.

I have had more apolitical people, concerned about the state of our union, reach out to me recently than ever before. They always start the conversation with, “I’m not really political but I feel like I need do something.”

Unless you personally have demonstrable evidence that someone is getting paid, just shut up. Quit posting and encouraging that myth.

…and by evidence I do not mean you heard or read a propaganda piece. Actual evidence, like your sister has a check stub.”

Kelly René


Read: Protecting the Right to Protest


Protest. Public demonstration.

Those rioters in Berkeley earlier this month, like the ones last month on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., don’t speak for me. They shattered windows and set fires and destroyed property and attacked police. Theirs were lawless rampages, not peaceful protests. They should pay the price for their crimes.

But unless you count crowds like Donald Trump counts crowds, those rioters were a small segment of larger and otherwise non-violent protests, one against Trump and the other against a Trump acolyte. Which is why it maddened me when a conservative friend told me in an e-mail that my party is “in concert with rioters, anarchists, and terrorists.”

No. They don’t act for me. Or for my party. Asserting otherwise is specious. But the sentiment is spreading.

Recently there was a story here in The Denver Post headlined, “Protests prompt states to pursue crackdown.” Although thankfully there was no case in Colorado, it was about Republican legislators in statehouses elsewhere across the country who are backing bills to regulate dissent. If dissent leads to destruction, I’m all for it. But some of these proposals go too far.

Like the ones in Iowa and Minnesota that would criminalize the act of blocking traffic in the course of a public protest. Or the one in Washington state which would criminalize demonstrations that disrupt businesses or shut down streets. Or the one in Michigan which would stiffen the fine for protesters who “interfere with business or the enjoyment of one’s home.” Or the one in Missouri, which would make any protest illegal if demonstrators hide their identity with masks. Or get this: a proposal in North Dakota would acquit “negligent” drivers from criminal charges if they hit demonstrators who are blocking a road. Read the rest of the story on the Denver Post.

Watch: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Trump Vs. Truth



H/t to Mother Jones: “Following a two month hiatus, John Oliver returned to “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday to focus on President Donald Trump’s shaky relationship with the truth and his administration’s consistent rejection of basic facts.

“How did we get a pathological liar in the White House?” Oliver asked, before exploring the source of Trump’s lies (Breitbart and Alex Jones’ conspiracy-ridden website Infowars) and why his supporters are willing to accept false information.

To tackle Trump’s reliance on “alternative facts,” Oliver revealed he’s launched a series of commercials to run during shows the president is known to regularly watch, such as “Morning Joe” and “Fox & Friends,” that sneak in useful pieces of information he might need over the next four years. Such ads include explanations on global warming, the female anatomy, and the name of his lesser known daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Read: Clare Conner’s Blog 1/27/17



“The moment Donald Trump descended from his gilded tower and anointed himself as the savior of the United States, I worried. While the press, the Democrats, and most Republicans had a good laugh, I read right-wing websites. I knew Trump had a rabid following. While the left laughed, Trump took over the radical right and the Republican Party.

I knew we were in serious trouble when the “alt-right,” the old racist right, Breitbart, the Tea Party, the Koch network, and the John Birch Society jumped on the Trump Train. I recognized the paranoia, hate, and fear that fueled the John Birch Society and my parents.

The longer the campaign dragged on, the more uneasy I became.

I shared my fears. Friends told me I was over-reacting. They insisted that right-wing radicals could never take power. And that Trump was too stupid, too silly, too ridiculous to win. Plus, of course, millions of Republicans would never vote for the man.

As election results rolled in, my phone started ringing. “What the f— is happening?”  “How did you know this was coming?” Several people were angry that I hadn’t done enough to sound the alarm.

I wanted to scream.

I’ve spent years telling my story of growing up in America’s radical right. I outlined how today’s GOP had adopted the ideas the John Birch Society preached in the early 1960s. I wrote a book about my life—Wrapped in the Flag (Beacon 2013) and spent thousands of my own dollars traveling across the country sharing my personal experiences. I did hundreds of radio interviews. I posted blogs, wrote Tweets, made videos, contacted every person I could think of. No matter, I never landed an interview with Thom Hartmann. Rachel never called. The PR person at Beacon could never get a response from anyone.

I was told that the John Birch Society was a footnote in history. People laughed at the idea that they’d ever have any real impact on our government. As you can imagine, my book was never a big seller.

After Trump’s election, I was sure people would be more interested. After all, most liberals have no idea how the radical right thinks and what they want. I had a unique position: I was a witness to the thoughts and plans of the most extreme right-wingers.

I contacted my publisher about writing another book digging into the conspiracy theories, anarchist ideas, and religious extremism that drives the radical right and the Republican Party. I was told (I kid you not) that there was no interest in such a book. The reason, in their own words, “the thing you warned about has come to pass and the extreme right nature of the Republican Party –and especially this administration– is now on full display.”

Really? So liberals don’t need to understand how we got here and what to do now?

Even today, Americans and the “liberal establishment” keep telling themselves that Trump won’t do what he said he’ll d do. Somehow, the mantle of power will force him to be more presidential. The Republican Party will temper his tantrums and his bullying. He’ll learn to respect our friends (like Mexico) and stand up to our enemies (like Putin). Trump will respect the rule of law and defend the civil rights of all Americans.

Read the rest on Clare Conner’s blog here:

Opinion: This Does Not Make Us Safer




No one is being kept “safer” by intentionally and inadvertently kicking over geopolitical beehives.

China is preparing for what they believe to be impending war with the US.

Mexico, our neighbor, ally and third largest trading partner now views us as an enemy.

Leaders across Europe, again our allies, are worried and having secret back channel discussions about the “Trump problem.”

Muslims, the second largest religion in the world, around the globe believe that the US has now actually declared war on them.

Trump has fulfilled the expectations of ISIS providing them with the best recruitment tool they have had in years, and they already capitalizing on it.

Ten days ago America was a calm, usually steadying, influence in the world. Today chaos. Everywhere. That’s not leadership. That’s incompetence. Mr. Trump presents a clear and present danger to, not just citizens at home but to the world. Yet, no one in a position of power will take action. Not one.