Connect: Town Hall Project



Is your member of Congress AWOL? Hiding behind the phone instead of meeting constituents face to face? Find out at the Town Hall Project.

Click the link to find your MOC and the location of their next town hall meeting. No meeting listed? Call your MOC and find out why. Is your MOC hiding behind the phone with a “Tele”Town Hall? Call them ask why. Want a one on one with your MOC? Call and schedule it.

Don’t know who your MOC is? Click here to enter your zip and find out who is representing you.

Never forget that the Tea Party movement grew from the grassroots pressure that conservative constituents put on the their MOCs at Town Hall meetings. We can do the same thing.

Find the Town Hall Project here.

Locate your Member of Congress here.

Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.