Watch: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Trump Vs. Truth



H/t to Mother Jones: “Following a two month hiatus, John Oliver returned to “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday to focus on President Donald Trump’s shaky relationship with the truth and his administration’s consistent rejection of basic facts.

“How did we get a pathological liar in the White House?” Oliver asked, before exploring the source of Trump’s lies (Breitbart and Alex Jones’ conspiracy-ridden website Infowars) and why his supporters are willing to accept false information.

To tackle Trump’s reliance on “alternative facts,” Oliver revealed he’s launched a series of commercials to run during shows the president is known to regularly watch, such as “Morning Joe” and “Fox & Friends,” that sneak in useful pieces of information he might need over the next four years. Such ads include explanations on global warming, the female anatomy, and the name of his lesser known daughter, Tiffany Trump.